Technical Documentation: Server


Isso uses some of the following dependencies:

  • werkzeug – WSGI toolkit

  • itsdangerous – store signed data on untrusted clients

  • misaka – fast Markdown processor written in C

  • html5lib – HTML(5) parser and sanitizer


This section of the Isso documentation is incomplete. Please help by expanding it.

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What’s missing?

  • Technologies used (flask, werkzeug, misaka, …)

  • Explain code structure

  • Request handling and HTTP

  • Database handling code

  • Comment schema

  • Comment (Markdown) rendering using misaka and custom extensions

  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

  • Content Security Policy

  • Future plans: Rewrite/Refactor, SQLAlchemy, MVC

… and other things about the server that should be documented.