Advanced integration

Comment counter

If you want to display a comment counter for a given thread, simply put a link to that comments thread anchor:

<a href="/my-uri.html#isso-thread">Comments</a>

The isso js client willl replace the content of this tag with a human readable counter like “5 comments”.

Alternatively, if guessing from href is not relevant, you could use a data-isso-id attribute on the <a> to indicate which thread to count for.

Now, either include count.min.js if you want to show only the comment count (e.g. on an index page) or embed.min.js for the full comment client (see Quickstart); do not mix both.

You can have as many comments counters as you want in a page, and they will be merged into a single GET request.

Asynchronous comments loading

Isso will automatically fetch comments after DOMContentLoaded event. However in the case where your website is creating content dynamically (eg. via ajax), you need to re-fetch comment thread manually. Here is how you can re-fetch the comment thread:


It will delete all comments under the thread but not the PostBox, fetch comments with data-isso-id attribute of the element section#isso-thread (if that attribute does not exist, fallback to window.location.pathname), then fill comments into the thread. In other words, you should change data-isso-id attribute of the element section#isso-thread (or modify the pathname with location.pushState) before you can get new comments. And the thread element itself should NOT be touched or removed.

If you removed the section#isso-thread element, just create another element with same TagName and ID in which you wish comments to be placed, then call the init method of Isso:


Then Isso will initialize the comment section and fetch comments, as if the page was loaded.