Getting started

Welcome to Isso’s documentation. This documentation will help you get started fast. If you run into any problems when using Isso, you can find the answer in troubleshooting guide or you can get in contact

Start here:

  1. Install Isso

  2. Follow the Quickstart guide

  3. If you get in stuck, see Troubleshooting

Once you’re familiar with Isso, check out the sidebar and the search on the left to find further information.


Contributions to the documentation and to the project as a whole are welcome! See Contribute and Writing Documentation for more details.

What’s Isso?

Isso is a lightweight commenting server similar to Disqus. It allows anonymous comments, maintains identity and is simple to administrate. It uses JavaScript and cross-origin ressource sharing for easy integration into (static) websites.

What’s wrong with Disqus?

No anonymous comments (IP address, email and name recorded), hosted in the USA, third-party. Just like IntenseDebate etc. When you embed Disqus, they can do anything with your readers (and probably mine Bitcoins, see the loading times).