Getting in contact

The main place of interaction for the Isso community is the GitHub issue tracker.

A few people - including some of the lead developers and maintainers - sometimes participate in the #isso channel, which you can join via IRC on Libera.Chat.

You may also ask questions or suggest improvements on GitHub Discussions.

Scripts & Helpers

Some utility scripts have been developed by isso users. They are stored in the GitHub contrib/ directory :

  • : dump isso comments as text, optionally with color

  • : comment importer from Blogger

Powered by Isso

A list of websites and people that use Isso can be found at the wiki at GitHub.

Feel free to add your own project to the list!

Tutorials and articles about Isso

These articles also provide concrete examples of using Isso with blog engines like Hugo, Ghost or Pelican.

Isso-adjacent Projects


Feel free to add your own project that builds on top of or integrates Isso in some manner. That way, there will be more data points for maintainers to judge if they can afford to make (breaking) changes in Isso’s internals.

Other options

Isso is not the only open-source commenting server. You can find an overview at Open source comments.

Some popular options are:


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Click the Edit on GitHub button in the top right corner and read the GitHub Issue named Improve & Expand Documentation for further information.

What’s missing?

  • Define and refine community standards

  • Link to more related projects