For uberspace users

Some uberspace users experienced problems with isso and they solved their issues by adding DirectoryIndex disabled as the first line in the .htaccess file for the domain the isso server is running on.

The Installing Isso on Uberspace guide should also be helpful.


This is usually caused by messing up the system’s Python with newer packages from PyPi (e.g. by executing easy_install –upgrade pip as root) and is not related to Isso at all.

Install Isso in a virtual environment as described in Interludium: Python is not PHP. Alternatively, you can use pip install –user to install Isso into the user’s home.

Why isn’t markdown in my comments rendering as I expect?

Please configure Isso’s markup parser to your requirements as described in Configure how comments are rendered.

UnicodeDecodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xff

Likely an issue with your environment, check you set your preferred file encoding either in LANG, LANGUAGE, LC_ALL or LC_CTYPE:

$ env LANG=C.UTF-8 isso [-h] [--version] ...

If none of the mentioned variables are set, the interaction with Isso will likely fail (unable to print non-ascii characters to stdout/err, unable to parse configuration file with non-ascii characters and so forth).

The web console shows 404 Not Found responses

Isso returned “404 Not Found” to indicate “No comments” in versions prior to 0.12.3. This behaviour was changed in a pull request to return a code of “200” with an empty array.