Frequently asked questions

Why SQLite3?

Although partially answered on the index page, here is a more complete answer: If you manage massive amounts of comments, Isso is a really bad choice. Isso is designed to be simple and easy to setup, it is not optimized for high-traffic websites.

Comments are not big data.

For example, if you have 209 threads and 778 comments in total this only needs 620 kilobytes of memory. This is an excellent use case for SQLite.

What does “Isso” mean?

Isso is an informal, german abbreviation for “Ich schrei sonst!”, which can roughly be translated to “I’m yelling otherwise”. It usually ends the discussion without any further arguments.

In germany, Isso is also pokémon N° 360.


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What’s missing?

  • How is Isso different from Disqus, Facebook Comments, and the rest?

  • How can I report bugs or request features?

  • In which ways can I contribute?

  • I am seeing an error!

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